Interesting times and food for thought

Hello! It’s interesting times we live in… ‘challenging’ is a good description. I have just returned from a week in Sydney and Melbourne with Paul and my daughter Molly.

We had a fun time, Molly was desperate to do some shopping, some more shopping and just a little bit more shopping while Paul and I took the opportunity to present Redhead’s 2nd Summer collection.

Molly tried her best to single handedly pull Australia out of its retail slump! it wasn’t for the lack of dedication to the task… it’s just that her mother’s pockets couldn’t stand the pace! She is the answer for increased retail spending… if only our surname was Trump or Hilton. She would be able to realise her retail goals in a speedier fashion…

The trip was successful. Alison our agent in Sydney, and the gorgeous girls at Curran Showrooms in Melbourne were very enthusiastic with the new range. It is always very pleasing to get that response. No doubt they will be making appointments with our retailers now to take them through our latest looks.

Food for thought…. with this slower retail climate, I tend to agree with the experts. Customers are still happy to purchase garments that are imaginative and good value for money. From this trip to Australia I found the retailers with NEW SEASON and interesting product were busy and selling stock. It seemed so very real to me that consumers were not very interested in mark down or sale product. I know we all have to clear out the left overs from the previous season, but if a retailer offers new season fashion with a fresh look, they are likely to capture their customer who wants to invest their money into something new… I strongly believe in this challenging times it is stock turn that entices the customer. When something new is on offer regularly, the regular and new customers are likely to keep visiting and buying something new.

At Redhead, we have had a huge month delivering the first Summer season. Our Second Summer will be wholesaled shortly and it will be available for a September/October delivery. We endeavour to maintain our monthly drops of new and exciting styles.

We love what we do and we hope you do too!
Regards Kylie

p.s. I’m always interested to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below

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